Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Waxing Party

a couple of weekends ago i went to spend the night with my friend shannon when i got there she surprised me with wax saying we were having a waxing party. This may be more information then i should share on a blog, but the experience was very new for me. She started waxing my nose hairs. Right now i am completely nose hairless...it's a weird feeling. ANYWAYS I'm glad for my friend shannon and even if she does have weird ideas sometimes it's always an adventure when we hang out.


Alexis said...

oooh!! sounds painful! I've never waxed before but I've pulled out a few nose hairs and it hurts! :)

Sam & Amy said...

uhh ouch, did it make your eyes water?! :) mine are watering just thinkin about it..cute pics though!!