Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day In SLC

Shannon had to go to salt lake to a friend's wedding and convinced me to go down with her. When she was in the temple and the luncheon/dinner. I just walked around temple square and walked down to the Gateways mall. It was really pretty except it decided to rain almost the whole time i was i got pretty wet. I did get to see my brother Christopher that works on temple square for a little bit so that was fun. that night we went on a triple date with one of Shannon's friends and her husband. Which I forgot my camera in my car for that part so there are no pictures.

We don't really even need to do anything to have fun just the drive down was pretty exciting

I jsut like this picture alot

Notice that i am Soaking wet..this is after walking around for two hours

I just want everyone to know that i placed my camera on the ground and finagled it so i could take it with the timer and this is what turned out on my first try. I thought i was impressive

Me and the Temple

Parties, Camping, The River and Carnival's

So last weekend was pretty busy it started off by going to a cowboy themed Work party...Which was fun to get to know everyone in the office a little better but sort of awkward i was the only unmarried person there so I just sorta hung out and listened to alot of conversations. after the party i again went to the river to camp with a bunch of friends. It was fun and was great cause i actually got some sleep which hasn't really happened to last two weekends i went camping. On Saturday we all floated the river which it was really high and alot of fun. Early afternoon my mom and dad brought tucker and truman up to the river and they LOVED it. We floated the river at least 8 times. And Tucker was so excited that he was able to float in the tube all by himself. after a long day at the river i decided to take the boys to a carnival that was in town. which turns out to of been a really sad looking carnival but the boys got to go on two rides and seemed to really enjoy it. Since the carnival was so sad looking i decided we would go to Wal mart to buy them each a little something. That night We all were ready for bed and sleep very very good! It was so fun to have the boys come stay the weekend with us and i love them both so much.

Me in My cowgirl get up

Me and Shannon Camping

Tucker wouldnt' stand still for a picture

Reading books before bedtime on Saturday

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cocktail Party

Last night my friend had a cocktail party at her apartment. It was really fun we got to get dressed up and we went and they made us all kinds of drinks and for those that are concerned we did have the option of virgin drinks which most of us had. But there was also Karaoke which i have become addicted to through the last few months. I belted loudly at the top of my lungs for close to an hour and half and would have kept going if i didn't have to go to work. I did wake up this morning with a slight sore throat..I unfortunately just have a few pictures my camera died not too far into the party.

Ward Camp Out

Last weekend was my ward campout which i felt was quite unsuccessful! My Parents and brother in law made an awesome dutchoven dinner and cobbler, which everyone loved. There was a lot of ward bonding going on and i think everyone became pretty good friends. We got to watch the inspirational movie "Happy Feet" on the projector and When we floated the river there was only one injury and one pair of lost sunglasses! so when everything was said and done i think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Not many people got a lot of sleep which i think is either a sign of onery children or people really enjoying themselves..and since there was no children camping with us i'm going to guess people were having fun. Here are some picutres from the weekend...

Once everyone else finally went to bed me and Diana just couldn't sleep still so we took pictures

Michael came and hung out while his dad helped cook dinner

this is how we look when we get excited while camping

the group bonding..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hiking the windcaves

My Mother and I went and Hiked up to the windcaves last sunday. It is one of my favorite places to go here in Logan. It is always so beautiful and the hike is always so nice. It was also lots of fun to spend some time with my mom. She is amazing woman and it is always good to spend time with her.

The 4th Of July

Alot of celebrating went on for the 4th of July weekend. On the 3rd the family went and watched the Logan Fireworks. On Friday my friend shannon planned a big shin-dig. It started with a party at her house. then we all went to the Lewiston Fireworks, then we all headed to Riverdale to the property to camp. The next day we all floated the river it was the first time i floated the river for the year. It was all alot of fun and i wasn't ready for the weekend to end.

Owen at the Logan Fireworks

Michael at the fireworks

Shannon and Tony at the Lewiston Fireworks

Shannon had these costumes and two of the guys dressed up in them and came running out screaming while we were at the river. They were suppose to scare people but i think people were more just confused why there was a giant bunny and gorilla.

Among the Wild Flowers

My Dad has always had a really pretty rose garden, but this year the roses seem extra pretty. So i thought i would post some pictures that he took.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boating/Birthday Party!

My Friend that has always taken me boating got married this year so i hadn't been at all yet this year so when shannon's ward had their boating party i decided to go it was a lot of fun to see alot of people i graduated with and spend the day at the lake. That night i threw a birthday party for my friend Diana it was quite the busy day and tons of fun!

So the cake had a couple of holes in it and the frosting sunk in but besides that i thought i did a pretty good job

Everyone singing Karaoke

Waxing Party

a couple of weekends ago i went to spend the night with my friend shannon when i got there she surprised me with wax saying we were having a waxing party. This may be more information then i should share on a blog, but the experience was very new for me. She started waxing my nose hairs. Right now i am completely nose's a weird feeling. ANYWAYS I'm glad for my friend shannon and even if she does have weird ideas sometimes it's always an adventure when we hang out.

The Wedding Day

the kids took turns gathering the presents

it was rigged but i caught the bouquet

at the luncheon

The Guys are pretty tough

frosting the cake

my dad decorating the cake

the cake completed. i thought it was pretty amazing and my mom made it and it was decorated by my father. Good work guys!