Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!

On Groundhogs day I turned 26. I am really childish in the way that i still get really giddy about my birthday. The night before I can barely sleep cause I'm so excited and I always make a pretty big deal about it. This year was definitely one of the best birthdays. I went to work my awesome friend Magen bought me a cake to celebrate with at work. And all my co-workers awkwardly sang happy birthday to me. (that is the one part about birthday's I hate. I never know what to do when they are singing to me) And for Lunch my boss invited me and Lo to go to lunch with the salespeople for their winners lunch. After lunch me and Lo left work early and went shopping for some running shoes. I got me an rad pair of Sauconys that I'm excited to try out. After that we went to dinner with most my family (missed you that don't live close) at Pizza Pie Cafe. It was very delicious. After that we all went roller blading/skating. It was tons of fun. I did feel bad for the poor kids since they kept falling but it was definitely worth it. I think everyone had an awesome time. Oh and Also, my parents got me photography class. I'm super excited about it so I can learn more about how to take pictures with my Nikon. I love birthdays!

Patrick and Paul on the Sidelines

We are Rad

I just love this picture. Paul Is Such an awesome uncle

Madalyn got me some bracelets and a necklace for my present

All the girls. I think we thought our skates were going to be in the pictures and that why we were crouching so we all fit.

Owen got a little sad towards the end of it.

My Beautiful Hair Ava Got for me

And Operation! I always wanted this game growing up. Turns out I'm not very good at it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Day

Valentines day is one of those days that I think has lost it's magic since I graduated from grade school. Even though I don't enjoy the holiday near as much as back in the day when I got to decorate my own shoe box and get free candy; I do love any excuse to party and buy lots of candy. This year we celebrated by going to work all day then after work we went and got to have dinner with my mom. She made some awesome cupcakes. After dinner Me and Lo were going to buy each other phones for Valentines day (again that's why I love all holidays It's easy to justify just about anything.) After no luck manipulating the system we went and made some phone calls and spent the rest of the night researching on how we could get these new phones. Over all I say it was a pretty awesome Valentines day. Oh and Lo surprised me with a rose and some other presents. That he picked out all by himself. Which is a pretty amazing thing in it's self. And I made him a little alphabet scrap book thing.
Thanks Buff for the Candy Leis!
I also love this picture because Lo is smiling he doesn't smile in pictures very often. Punk.

The Bouquet we got my mom

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm back!

So the whole 3 of you that read my blog have probably noticed that it has been out of service for quite sometime now. One day I went to my blog and all my pictures were gone and my back ground was really messed up. I kept telling Lo he needed to fix it. We just got around to looking at it and found out the pictures are gone for good. Which is really sad and frustrating. I guess Blogger had some issues and a lot of people lost their problems and I was lucky enough to be one of them. So my option was that I can go through and re-upload all of my pictures or just continue to blog and try to forget all of my pictures are gone. So unless it turns out that I get a couple of weeks where nothing is required of me I will be just carrying on with my blog and forget about my past posts. So What I'm trying to say is that I'm back!