Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sleepover

a couple of weeks ago someone wanted to take some of my shifts at my night job. Michael and Owen were over playing. When it was time for Michael to go home he didn't want to go. To try and get him to go Becca and Mike walked out of the house like they were leaving. Saying his binkies and blankets were at home. thinking that would make him want to go. Instead Michael turns to me and says "We can just go to walmart to buy more binkies huh?" every single one of my nieces and nephews have me wrapped around their fingers so I went to ask his parents if he could stay and have a sleepover with me. they said he could and he was excited. Owen who was still over playing then wanted to have a sleepover also. Turns out it to be just like i remember sleepovers growing up.....there isn't much sleeping involved. They were both so excited about having a sleep over they just couldn't relax enough to sleep.

the closest we got to sleeping...

they both love doing makeup for some reason

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Patrick's Special O Games

Saturday Patrick's Special Olympic regional games were here in Town so we got the chance to go and watch him. I'm not really sure what they placed but they got neat medals. SO that's fun...Here are some pictures from the Games

Dallin and Patrick doing wiggy wiggy woom

JoAnna just looks so good in this picture i had to post it:)

Imitating Dallin Paul He is so photogenic

Life is good

Amy was in town this last weekend so we decided that all of us girls from highschool would get together. With everyone married and having babies we don't have the chance to get together very often. Ironically enough Shannon got engaged just in time for this get together so we decided we would make it a bridal showerish thing for her. It is always good to get together with old friends and reminisce about the good old days. I am glad that i was able to have such good friends and that we are all still close and able to get together.

Mallory and her baby Paisley

I think this picture is really really cute of Paisley

Shannon and her fiance

Annette Amanda Mallory

Paisley and Halle (Caitlin's baby)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time for a change!

So lately i have felt like something needed to change in my life. I thought about moving somewhere but i'm too lazy to change schools and get new jobs and find a place to live. I then thought about cutting my hair seemed like a pretty drastic thing for me to do since i'm kind of really emotionally attatched to my hair, but the more i thought about it the more i thought i might just end up crying about it. Then i would have to wait till my hair grew back out which would take forever. So I went to my friend Shannon and asked her to color my hair thinking that will have to suffice. Friday night she put some highlights in it and a carmel color. it looked great but it still wasn't the kind of change i wanted. So Saturday when i went back to have her cut it We decided to go a little darker. I have never been dark and i can't remember the last time i was so nervous. So now after just a few short hours with Shannon i have dark hair. and I must say it is good to have a change! That was a really long post for something as simple as changing my hair color...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There is No arizona...

This last weekend i decided I wanted to get out of Utah and visit my friend Amy. I had thought about leaving thursday night and getting there friday morning then i didn't feel to great so i questioned whether i was even going to go. I woke up Friday morning and decided why not. so i left for the 12 hour drive. I got there at 8:30ish on Friday night. and Left to come home about 8:30 on Sunday morning. It was a really quick trip but it was good to get get out and see amy. The pictures are a little backwards of how the trip really went but i'm counting on everyone being smart enough to figure it out:)

On the drive home since i got to look at this for a lot of hours i decided it was only right that i share it with everyone

this is me stuck behind a huge wreck on the free way. which actually ended up closing the free way and me needing to find a nother way home, it was a little stressful.

Amy did my hair. She should go professional.

Our old roommate Krystal came and spent Saturday afternoon with us. We took alot of pictures and this is the best one we got we kind of struggled.

I needed a picture by a cactus and we drove around for awhile looking for one that wasn't in someone's yard but couldn't find one.

Amy, Me and My cousin Josh at some cool outdoor mall.

Eating at In and Out burger

Sunset on my drive to Mesa it was really pretty and helped take my mind off my really long drive for a few minutes

Monday, October 20, 2008

quick update continued

The Aggie Game

Me and Greg at the Aggie game

Waxing party #2

Caitlin has been in Preston and we finally got together for dinner and we went to a movie but i unfortunately had to leave early to go to work.

Lyndsi and Jordan at work. We celebrated Lyndsi's brithday during lunch. Jordan made the amazing cake

quick update

Miniature Golfing

Miniature golfing (I lost big time)

Sunday Dinner at Big J's

Me and Shannon just hanging out

It's been a coons Age..

I have become quite the slacker in blogging ever since this semester as started. working two jobs and going to school is keeping me pretty busy and when i do have to blog I have nothing exciting that has really happened..I will try to have a more exciting life so i will have something to put on my blog. But good things have come out of me being somewhat "lame" I have gotten A's on all tests and papers so far this semester which is really exciting for me. Who knew that actually goign to class and studying would lead to good grades:) The next few posts will be updates of the little that has happened in the last few months.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Amazing Sisters

Congratulations to Rebecca and JoAnna for finishing their first marathon!

Friday, August 29, 2008

4 Spot

4 Jobs I've held
1. Small Smiles Dentistry
2. North Eastern Services
3.Williamsburg Retirement home
4. Dan Peterson School

4 Movies I Can Watch Over & Over
1. Singing in the Rain
2. Anchorman
3. Newsies
4. PS I Love you

4 Places I Have Lived
1. Riverdale
2. Logan
3. Pleasant Grove
4. Preston

4 T.V. Shows I Enjoy
1. The Hills
2. The Office
3. What not to Wear
4. History Channel

4 Places I have Been on Vacation
1. Arizona
2. Puerto Rico
3. Michigan
4. Virginia
-All of these have been in the last year...

4 Favorite Foods
1. Candy
2. PIzza
3. Sweet Pork Salad from Costa Vida
4. Sticky finger Wrap

4 Websites I visit (pretty much daily)

4 Places I Want to Visit
1. Australia
2. Italy
3. New Zealand
4. Ireland

Now I'm supposed to pick 4 other blog buddies to do this! 4 are supposed to copy this and tag 4 other people!

(I guess I better pick people who actually look at my blog..which is mostly my mom and sisters!)
1. Emily
2. Emily Ann
3. Lexie
4. JoAnna

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just cause they are cute

Michael and Owen trying on my shoes. Ha i thought it was cute.

A date to the ER

So yesterday me and my friend shannon wanted to go on a double date. I decided to ask my friend greg. We were just going to go up the canyon and cook hot dogs and s'mores. Me and Greg were the first ones up there so we decided we would start the fire. Greg was talking about how much he loves axes then all of a sudden he said he just cut his thumb. I thought he was joking cause he was so calm about it. then he got a little more frantic. He went to the car to use the light and sure enough he did. Luckily just at that moment the other people showed up. and they could help him. I had to have quite a bit of blood drawn for some tests and if i saw any of Greg's thumb was almost positive i would pass out. So Tony the other guy there took my car and drove Greg to the ER and me and Shannon met them there soon after. Turns out he really almost cut off the tip of his thumb. but 7 stiches later everything is going to be ok. I will say for those that know me and know what i hard time i have with blood on other people and needles I was a really big support to greg and even watched him get the last of his stiches. and i didn't pass out. I was proud of myself.

Just after he got his stiches

Eating chips and salsa in the waiting room