Saturday, June 21, 2008

All Together Again

Brian and Lexie are visitng this month from Michigan so last week the family minus chad and Mike met in Ogden to spend the day together. We had a picnic in the park then went to the Treehouse museum and finished the day by going out to eat. It was a very eventful day and fun to have the family together.

Brian Proved his manhood by scaling a fence


The president's office fits him

Monday, June 9, 2008

Good to be Home

So i had a really great vacation and honestly did not want to leave. But once i got home i was reminded how much i enjoy being home and around my family. Brian and Lexie and their kids came and hung out during the evening. We all had a delicious dinner, matt and emily made an awesome dessert, Then Chad started playing the guitar and we all sang very loudly to it. And after all the singing chad still wants to marry into the family so that is a good sign:) I have the greatest family ever! Here are some pictures from my first night home. Dorthy had it right there is not place like home.

Just notice my eyes i'm not wearing any make up they are just that color because they got so burnt and they are also really really swollen

Miles and Ava

Friday, June 6, 2008

Culebra Island

It was freezing on the ferry so we were all wrapped up in towls

on the ferry'

For our last day in Puerto Rico we decided to go to Culebra Island. It took about and HOur Ferry ride to it and once we got there it was amazing. the water was crystal blue and the sand was very white. While we were there we all got really sunburnt and we also we snorkeling it was definitely a good way to end the trip!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kayaking and the beach

Yesterday we spent most of the day just hanging out on the beach and finally got some sun for the fist time on the trip so that was exciting. The highlight though was at 8 we went to the place called Bioluminescent Bays It was so so amazing. What we did was kayak through a bay then we went through this canal which was completely dark and i was really nervous and was freaking out a little. Apparently i'm really scared of the dark when i'm On the ocean oh and not to mention we were on the corner of the Bermuda triangle. When we got through the canal it opened up to another bay and it was amazing because of all these different things combined the plankton glows when it has contact with something. So we would stick our hands in and the water around it would just glow kind of like a glow stick. it was so amazing and again the pictures won't give it justice. On the way back the current was really strong and me and shannon got stuck which we ended up getting towed out by one of the guides, who will be in one of the pictures. It was an amazing experience. We weren't allowed to take camera's in the kayak so here is the link to the website. Check it out it will explain a little better about the experience and it has pictures on it also.

The guy on the far left is the one that had to tow us out of the ocean and the other one is the main guide man who was cute so he got in our picture with us

the cute guide and the kayaks

all of us girls after kayaking minus one

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Frog For Tucker

Tonight we went for a walk and found a new friend. His Name is Cookie and He lives in one of the bath tubs here in the apartment. I Love you TucKer!!

Rain Forest

Today we got to go to the Rain Forest It was so amazingly beautiful the pictures don't quite give it justice but gives you an idea about how pretty it is.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Puerto Rico Day 2

We went to church today and met lots and lots of boys

Puerto Rico Day 1

this guy had really rad dreadlocks and he did lots of tricks for us or at least tried to

The view from our balcany

Just walking on the beach


We just played on the beach pretty much all day. Then went Into Old San Juan that night