Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family get away

More Ragnar Pictures

So these pictures are from someone else's camera from the trip and I thought they were cool pictures.

This is the scenery that i got to run in for 8.5 miles. It was absolutely amazing.

This picture I just really like becuase my left leg looks really really buff :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This last weekend i did my second Ragnar relay. I rode with my two friends Derek and Natalie down to Arizona and that night we stayed with My friend Amy. We woke up early the next morning to meet our team. We then drove to Prescott to the beginning of the race. I was in the second van so we didn't get to start running till late in the afternoon. My first leg was 8.5 miles and I was pretty nervous about it with the cold winter and inversion i haven't been able to train as much as i would have liked to. Turned out though to be an awesome run it had a lot more hills than i thought it would but for some reason they didn't affect me much. I was pretty stoked about the run the whole time cause i kept a good pace and passed quite a few people, which is something that i haven't really experienced before. When we were suppose to finish our second legs they stalled the race because a runner had been hit by a car. Because of this they had to rearrange the race a little bit and turned out that our van only got to run 2 legs instead of 3. It was kind of a bummer and i didn't feel quite as hardcore when i finished the race, but i am glad that all of my team made it to the finish line safely. It was an awesome race and went through some really pretty country in AZ and I ended up with an awesome team. I realize when i tell people about these relays nothing about them sounds very appealing, but for some reason no sleeping, no eating and running 3 intense legs in a 24 hour time period is very thrilling to me and I love them alot. Here are some pictures from the trip

Our sweet Van
This is a bridge that is just into AZ. Everytime i drive over it I get a little bit of anxiety from my fear of heights. This Picture shows me conquering my fear cause i walked out onto it. I must say it took quite a bit of convincing and i held on the railing the whole time.
Just stopping at a scenic outlook

I tried to get as much studying done during the race.
The team members in my van when we were all done

photo shoot by a cactus

This is a picture one of my teammates took i thought it was pretty sweet.