Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big 24

My birthday this year was celebrated quite a few times. The Friday before my birthday i was planning a nice quiet night with my nephew Michael...I stopped by my friend Eliese's house so she could grab some clothes. I was the first one to walk in and as i walked into the dark kitchen i saw a big man just standing there...staring at me. I was pretty terrified. Then as i turned on the light everyone yelled Surprise or something like that. I was so scared i don't remember. I then turned around punched Eliese and pushed her down the stairs then ran for my life. I got a little ways before i realized what exactly was going on. So that was my first birthday celebration. ON my actualy birthday i went to work where there were treats in celebration for my birthday, then after school i went to lunch with friends. After lunch i went to my parents where all my nieces and nephews spoiled me pretty rotten. Owen and Ava bought me balloons. and Michael took me on a date and bought me Spear flowers (aka Tulips). We had birhtday dinner and opened presents. I got pretty spoiled. I then had friends come over for ice cream sunday's and played games. THEN that weekend i went down to Toph and Em's and we started the celebration with birthday doughnuts then we went to lunch. I am so lucky to have such great friends and family that Made 24 so great! I am a VERY lucky girl

Me and Elliot and my birthday Doughnut

Me and the kids that live close on my birhtday

She's a great sister
The girls
Me and Josh. He took the whole day off work to celebrate with me. What a great cousin

My new rad sleeping bag
Owen also bought me these cool finger lights. he then borrowed them that night.

The kids helping me blow out the candles
The AWESOME decorations my sisters and mom did for me
Me being SCARED to death
That is pure Terror
My friend Patrick
Me and Josh
Me and Jackie