Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lorelei's Photo Shoot

Last week me and my mom had the opportunity to go down to Toph and Em's to watch the kids while they went out and While i was there took some pictures of Lorelei. She is such a cute little girl she made the pictures look great.

Friday, February 11, 2011


For my birthday I spent a good portion of the day at work which bought pizza and cake for me. After work i got to take a nap and then Lo took me to Wingers for dinner. After wingers we went and had cake and Ice cream with the family. I was a very spoiled girl all day.

Dallin Paul

I thought this picture of Dallin was too great not to share.

Going To Beaver

Lo took me to Beaver to teach me how to snow board. After hearing everyone's horror stories about their first times i was pretty scared to go but he was an excellent teacher and I really loved snow boarding. IT wasn't near as painful as i was expecting.

Christmas 2010

We are all VERY spoiled this year for Christmas here are just some of the pictures from that morning.

December Happenings

Random pictures from December Enjoy :

Michael wearing Lo's Shoes
The Family after getting Christmas Trees
Me and Lo with our Bookfind Books
Madalyn and her presents