Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dallin's Surgery

Dallin Paul started out his summer with a big operation on his ear. It was a long day for all of us. Mom and dad took him to the hospital at 9 am and didn't leave till close to 6 pm. hopefully he has a quick recovery.

Leaving the hospital

I was singing him a song and this was his reaction...I'm not sure why

the things i do to make my little brother happy. Reenacting a scene from Rocketman for him

Dad trying to show Dallin how cool the cap thing is

relaxing in his robe

Dallin Paul's Graduation!

I'm so proud of Dallin Paul for Graduating from Sky View!! Way to go Paul!! We All love you!

Celebrating Dallin's Graduation at COsta Vida

Dallin and his Graduation watch

Leaving Graduation and he's looking at the camera!!!

Dallin Paul and Matt

Sky View Graduating Class 2009

Having his name called

Dallin and Mike

State Special Olympics

Patrick had state Special Olympic Games this last week. As always he did an awesome job. GO PATRICK!!

Patrick and his Coach Jason

Me and Patrick and the Special O dance the night before

Pleasant Grove Trip

Last Tuesday me and Brooke took a little trip down to Provo. I dropped her off at her friends house and i got to spend the rest of the day with some people i haven't gotten to see for quite awhile. I spent most of Tuesday with Lacey who i haven't seen for 8 months. It sure was fun spending the day with her and catching up. that night i got to also see my friend Chad that has moved back to Pleasant Grove from Logan. The next day i got to go watch Tucker's dance festival that his school put on. He is quite the little dancer! Must have learned it from his pop. ;)

Memorial Day

For Memorial day the family went to the graves then went up to the river to enjoy the rest of the day. Just a few pictures from the day

Dad doing what he does best at the river

brooke and i had a little photoshoot

photoshoot continued

I found out Dodger likes to fetch sticks from the river. Made me a very happy girl.

Michael and his fish he caught

Owen and the turtle