Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii Trip: Day 3

ON the third day i again got up early to go running then we headed out to a beach to go snorkeling. I was much better at snorkeling this day I even started to learn how to dive. By the beach there was a grove of trees that had huge vines and things growing from them. We spent alot of time climbing them untill we got yelled at. After snorkeling we went to lunch and I had AMAZING fish and chips.We then went to another beach and just relaxed.

Me and Matt at Big Beach

the group at the snorkeling beach/amazing trees

This was an amazing meal i had

Part of the group at Big Beach. Matt Is pointing at the nudist beach that was around the bend. I should say that we can not see the nudist beach.

an amazing grove of trees that was near the beach we snorkeled at

an ugly fish i saw while snorkeling

the beach that we went snorkeling at.

Hawaii Trip: Day 2

On Day two I woke up early and went for a run on the beach then we went to a beach and went snorkeling. On the way back we took a crazy road that was way narrow and had crazy sharp turns. We then went back to the condo and relaxed and then later that night watched the sunset from the ocean at an amazing beach. We then went to dinner and I picked up my Cousin David that is stationed in the islan Oahu. The Pictures are posted backwards in order.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hawaii Trip Day 1

The view of our beach
Digging Sea Urchin Spines from my foot.
Just climbing a palm tree