Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Fun Run

Me, Jo And my mom ran a 5k for a fundraiser for Dallin Paul's school. It was tons of fun to run it with them. I was 3rd in and the first girl in so i got a free 10 day pass to Sports academy...too bad i already have a membership....

Mini Marathon

Last month i had the opportunity to go down to Pleasant Grove and run in a fun run that raised money for Tucker's school. It was fun to watch my nephews run in their first race..since it is something that i Love so much. Even though i don't think they enjoyed the race quite as much as i may have hoped. THey don't get the point of running a race if there is a possibility you won't get first....I guess it was worth a shot. HEre are some pictures from the race:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hiking the Slot Canyons

For a weekend a group of us went down to st george to hike some of the Slot canyons down there. We started in birch canyon repelled down to Orderville and came out in the narrows. Quite the cool experience. We ended up doing 12 repels and hiked for 10 hours.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sailing at Flaming Gorge

I'm way behind on updates, but over a month ago a group of us went to flaming gorge for a weekend to go sailing. THe first day there was a huge storm and we ended up just anchoring in a harbor and watched movies most of the day. The rest of the days we just sailed. We did go to shore for a little bit and went cliff jumping. I was pretty worried that I was going to go crazy being stuck on a small Sail boat for 4 days but I loved it. It was so relaxing and peaceful. The pictures aren't in order but here are some that i took.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Car

my Toyota Yaris has been a great car for me for the last 4 years but I felt like it was time for something a little bit different. After a very LONG month of looking i found this car...a 2010 Kia Sportage. I really love it and have decided to name her cecilia.

New Babies

in the last two months i have gotten a new niece and nephew. They sure are cute kids and I love them lots. I've already started the spoiling.

Cora Jo Bischoff

Isaac James Huff

The Rest of Hawaii

So i realize this is old by now but just wanted to post some more pictures of my other days i was in Hawaii...

doesn't do it justice but these are by the waterfalls. the colors were amazing with the bright white, blue and the dark rock.
Lower Waterfalls
Upper falls
In the Bamboo Trees

Doing Tai Chi with some neighor lady. For the record i was not teaching this class for some reason she wanted me to face all of them...I'm not sure why.
A really cool tree on our hike to the waterfalls
On top of the volcano above the clouds
First time surfing. It was amazing
I maybe should have paid attention to this sign. Here at this spot a wave came and slammed me into the ocean ground cracking my rib and tearing a muscle in my shoulder. Oops...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii Trip: Day 3

ON the third day i again got up early to go running then we headed out to a beach to go snorkeling. I was much better at snorkeling this day I even started to learn how to dive. By the beach there was a grove of trees that had huge vines and things growing from them. We spent alot of time climbing them untill we got yelled at. After snorkeling we went to lunch and I had AMAZING fish and chips.We then went to another beach and just relaxed.

Me and Matt at Big Beach

the group at the snorkeling beach/amazing trees

This was an amazing meal i had

Part of the group at Big Beach. Matt Is pointing at the nudist beach that was around the bend. I should say that we can not see the nudist beach.

an amazing grove of trees that was near the beach we snorkeled at

an ugly fish i saw while snorkeling

the beach that we went snorkeling at.