Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Rest of Hawaii

So i realize this is old by now but just wanted to post some more pictures of my other days i was in Hawaii...

doesn't do it justice but these are by the waterfalls. the colors were amazing with the bright white, blue and the dark rock.
Lower Waterfalls
Upper falls
In the Bamboo Trees

Doing Tai Chi with some neighor lady. For the record i was not teaching this class for some reason she wanted me to face all of them...I'm not sure why.
A really cool tree on our hike to the waterfalls
On top of the volcano above the clouds
First time surfing. It was amazing
I maybe should have paid attention to this sign. Here at this spot a wave came and slammed me into the ocean ground cracking my rib and tearing a muscle in my shoulder. Oops...

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