Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pleasant Grove Trip

Last Tuesday me and Brooke took a little trip down to Provo. I dropped her off at her friends house and i got to spend the rest of the day with some people i haven't gotten to see for quite awhile. I spent most of Tuesday with Lacey who i haven't seen for 8 months. It sure was fun spending the day with her and catching up. that night i got to also see my friend Chad that has moved back to Pleasant Grove from Logan. The next day i got to go watch Tucker's dance festival that his school put on. He is quite the little dancer! Must have learned it from his pop. ;)

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Emily said...

Must have got it from his pop? What? Have you never seen me dance? Oh Wait, your right, I can't dance. He did get it from his pop. :)
We love having you come visit. Come again any time.