Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a coons Age..

I have become quite the slacker in blogging ever since this semester as started. working two jobs and going to school is keeping me pretty busy and when i do have to blog I have nothing exciting that has really happened..I will try to have a more exciting life so i will have something to put on my blog. But good things have come out of me being somewhat "lame" I have gotten A's on all tests and papers so far this semester which is really exciting for me. Who knew that actually goign to class and studying would lead to good grades:) The next few posts will be updates of the little that has happened in the last few months.


Emily said...

Hurray for Cat for updating her BLOG, hurray for A's on tests, and most of all Hurray for Cat!!

Matt and Emily said...

You have been busy. It seems like it has been a coon's age since we've hung out. Maybe you should come visit us :). Love you.

Anonymous said...

Please, you have an adequately exciting life.. How long is a "coons age"