Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There is No arizona...

This last weekend i decided I wanted to get out of Utah and visit my friend Amy. I had thought about leaving thursday night and getting there friday morning then i didn't feel to great so i questioned whether i was even going to go. I woke up Friday morning and decided why not. so i left for the 12 hour drive. I got there at 8:30ish on Friday night. and Left to come home about 8:30 on Sunday morning. It was a really quick trip but it was good to get get out and see amy. The pictures are a little backwards of how the trip really went but i'm counting on everyone being smart enough to figure it out:)

On the drive home since i got to look at this for a lot of hours i decided it was only right that i share it with everyone

this is me stuck behind a huge wreck on the free way. which actually ended up closing the free way and me needing to find a nother way home, it was a little stressful.

Amy did my hair. She should go professional.

Our old roommate Krystal came and spent Saturday afternoon with us. We took alot of pictures and this is the best one we got we kind of struggled.

I needed a picture by a cactus and we drove around for awhile looking for one that wasn't in someone's yard but couldn't find one.

Amy, Me and My cousin Josh at some cool outdoor mall.

Eating at In and Out burger

Sunset on my drive to Mesa it was really pretty and helped take my mind off my really long drive for a few minutes


Emily said...

ARizona?!?! You are one crazy lady Cat. I'm glad you had fun, and I didn't even know I was related to anyone name Josh :) Now I do. I can't keep any of your family cousins straight though. So maybe I did, and forgot. Now I am rambling. Love you, glad you had a good trip

Cathrine said...

ha ha yeah that was acutally only my 3rd time meeting him and he is a first cousin he is Susan's Son.

Sam & Amy said...

haha you're so right, i SHOULD go pro. :)
i'm so glad you came to visit, it was fun! lover you