Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A date to the ER

So yesterday me and my friend shannon wanted to go on a double date. I decided to ask my friend greg. We were just going to go up the canyon and cook hot dogs and s'mores. Me and Greg were the first ones up there so we decided we would start the fire. Greg was talking about how much he loves axes then all of a sudden he said he just cut his thumb. I thought he was joking cause he was so calm about it. then he got a little more frantic. He went to the car to use the light and sure enough he did. Luckily just at that moment the other people showed up. and they could help him. I had to have quite a bit of blood drawn for some tests and if i saw any of Greg's thumb was almost positive i would pass out. So Tony the other guy there took my car and drove Greg to the ER and me and Shannon met them there soon after. Turns out he really almost cut off the tip of his thumb. but 7 stiches later everything is going to be ok. I will say for those that know me and know what i hard time i have with blood on other people and needles I was a really big support to greg and even watched him get the last of his stiches. and i didn't pass out. I was proud of myself.

Just after he got his stiches

Eating chips and salsa in the waiting room


Emily said...

What a romantic date.... :)

Cathrine said...

Well i sure do know how to plan a romantic date:)

Sam & Amy said...

wow how i love the jacket you are wearing..