Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Day

Valentines day is one of those days that I think has lost it's magic since I graduated from grade school. Even though I don't enjoy the holiday near as much as back in the day when I got to decorate my own shoe box and get free candy; I do love any excuse to party and buy lots of candy. This year we celebrated by going to work all day then after work we went and got to have dinner with my mom. She made some awesome cupcakes. After dinner Me and Lo were going to buy each other phones for Valentines day (again that's why I love all holidays It's easy to justify just about anything.) After no luck manipulating the system we went and made some phone calls and spent the rest of the night researching on how we could get these new phones. Over all I say it was a pretty awesome Valentines day. Oh and Lo surprised me with a rose and some other presents. That he picked out all by himself. Which is a pretty amazing thing in it's self. And I made him a little alphabet scrap book thing.
Thanks Buff for the Candy Leis!
I also love this picture because Lo is smiling he doesn't smile in pictures very often. Punk.

The Bouquet we got my mom


JoAnna Bischoff said...

Your love day looks just lovely :)
Also I like the picture of you and Lo you guys look cute.
Also I am happy you are back in the blogging world.

Jackie Rogers said...

I'm glad you had a good love day! I'm also so happy to see that you are back! Yay!