Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parties, Camping, The River and Carnival's

So last weekend was pretty busy it started off by going to a cowboy themed Work party...Which was fun to get to know everyone in the office a little better but sort of awkward i was the only unmarried person there so I just sorta hung out and listened to alot of conversations. after the party i again went to the river to camp with a bunch of friends. It was fun and was great cause i actually got some sleep which hasn't really happened to last two weekends i went camping. On Saturday we all floated the river which it was really high and alot of fun. Early afternoon my mom and dad brought tucker and truman up to the river and they LOVED it. We floated the river at least 8 times. And Tucker was so excited that he was able to float in the tube all by himself. after a long day at the river i decided to take the boys to a carnival that was in town. which turns out to of been a really sad looking carnival but the boys got to go on two rides and seemed to really enjoy it. Since the carnival was so sad looking i decided we would go to Wal mart to buy them each a little something. That night We all were ready for bed and sleep very very good! It was so fun to have the boys come stay the weekend with us and i love them both so much.

Me in My cowgirl get up

Me and Shannon Camping

Tucker wouldnt' stand still for a picture

Reading books before bedtime on Saturday


Emily said...

Yep, seriously, looks like you guys had great times, and since Tucker and Truman want to go back up there instead of Disneyland, maybe next year we will save ourselves money, and just go to the river for our family vacation.
Thanks again for saving my life. I think the boys are sick of hanging out with me while I am so sick....

Matthew & Emily said...

It sure was fun to see those boys. Owen had fun playing with them. They definitely are lucky to have their Aunt Cat.