Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ward Camp Out

Last weekend was my ward campout which i felt was quite unsuccessful! My Parents and brother in law made an awesome dutchoven dinner and cobbler, which everyone loved. There was a lot of ward bonding going on and i think everyone became pretty good friends. We got to watch the inspirational movie "Happy Feet" on the projector and When we floated the river there was only one injury and one pair of lost sunglasses! so when everything was said and done i think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Not many people got a lot of sleep which i think is either a sign of onery children or people really enjoying themselves..and since there was no children camping with us i'm going to guess people were having fun. Here are some picutres from the weekend...

Once everyone else finally went to bed me and Diana just couldn't sleep still so we took pictures

Michael came and hung out while his dad helped cook dinner

this is how we look when we get excited while camping

the group bonding..

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