Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day In SLC

Shannon had to go to salt lake to a friend's wedding and convinced me to go down with her. When she was in the temple and the luncheon/dinner. I just walked around temple square and walked down to the Gateways mall. It was really pretty except it decided to rain almost the whole time i was i got pretty wet. I did get to see my brother Christopher that works on temple square for a little bit so that was fun. that night we went on a triple date with one of Shannon's friends and her husband. Which I forgot my camera in my car for that part so there are no pictures.

We don't really even need to do anything to have fun just the drive down was pretty exciting

I jsut like this picture alot

Notice that i am Soaking wet..this is after walking around for two hours

I just want everyone to know that i placed my camera on the ground and finagled it so i could take it with the timer and this is what turned out on my first try. I thought i was impressive

Me and the Temple

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Matthew & Emily said...

Wow Cat, I am impressed with your camera angling on the timer picture- good work.