Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wind Caves

with the nice weather i have been able to start hiking again which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. On the way up we had an encounter with a rattle snake which scared me and i screamed and jumped off the that was fun. When we got to the top it started raining which made it really pretty. When we went to leave we decided to take a different path which ended up having all kinds of cliffs and drop offs. It was quite the eventful Hike.

the view was really pretty with the rain

Me and Josh


Lexie said...

Looks like fun! Maybe we can go on a hike when we come out - although you'd have to be patient with me b/c I haven't hiked in forever!!

Matthew & Emily said...

Cathrine- I think you forgot to mention how romantic the rain made it and that you were with your dreamy "Busboy" :).

The Schmidt Family said...

Oh wow, it looks gorgeous. HOw fun! I can't wait to go for our first hike! That's the bus boy that you were talking bout????? Let me know!