Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Better Together

Dog Pile!

Ava And Grandma

Dodger and Dad

Christopher would pull Dodger and Dodger would pull the boys

Paul and Tucker Bonding

Jumping on the Trampoline

It took a few tries but we got everyone in

Shopping in The Hobby Lobby=good times

I just love this picutre of both Dodger and Truman

Owen just Riding Dodger.

This weekend Christopher and Emily cam up with their boys. It's always a lot of fun when the whole family (well those within driving distance) gets together. It really made me excited for when Brian and LExie come to visit in a couple of weeks and the whole Family will be able to get together! During the weekend we celebrated Madalyn's birthday, Played at the park, found out how talented Dodger really is, Took mom Mother's day shopping, and went out for Ice cream. It was busy but a really fun couple of days!


Emily said...

WE sure had a lot of good times up there. Thanks for the fun weekend, I always love being with you, and feel blessed to be your sister!

Lexie said...

It's a good thing we are coming soon because all these posts are making me totally homesick!! Looks like such a fun time - I can't wait to be there!!