Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Exciting Adventure

So My flight to Puerto Rico was probably the most eventful traveling day ever. We had to leave for the airport at 4 and i was driving so i decided it would be best to not sleep at all the night before for a couple of reasons 1. If i fell asleep there would be a very good chance i wouldn't wake up at 4. 2.I was too excited i Probably wouldn't of been able to sleep if i tried. and 3. I wanted to be exhausted so i would sleep the whole way there. Anyways we got to the airport in plenty of time and everything went smoothly. We all boarded the plane and then just when we were about to take off they said that our flight would be delayed and hour and we could stay on the plane if we wanted. Shannon about that same time found out she parked her car that her sister was picking up in the wrong lot. So we ran of the plane had to talk to security ran out to the buses to get a ride to the economy lot. A security guy had called one of the buses and told it to wait for us. Which we had to run really fast too and it was quite a ways away. the bus driver skipped all his stops and took us straight to Shannons car. In the mean time we got a phone call from the other girls on the plane that said the plane was leaving 20 minutes earlier than they origianlly told us. it made us kind of nervous that we weren't going to make it. but We got her car parked in the short term parking and made it back up to the plane it time. We both stunk really bad and were really sweaty thank goodness no one sat by us on the plane. But because our flight was delayed we missed our connection. and had to go on a different flight which also got delayed. so Instead of arriving in Puerto Rico at 8:50 like we were suppose to originally we got there at about 10:40. we had a rental car ready but couldnt' get it because the car rental place was closed so we sat at the airport for awhile ;we did finally find our way to our condo though!! I LOVE PUERTO RICO!!! more to come....:)

This is after we had to run to move Shannons car.

Waiting in the Chicago airport

Sleeping on the Plane

we found a neat orange wall in the Chicago Airport

We were pretty excited to get to Puerto Rico finally

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Emily said...

A crazy adventure to start your crazy va-cay!
Can't wait to see and hear more!
Continue to have fun!