Tuesday, August 4, 2009

birthdays, wii. parades. carnival. family reunion. sleepover.

the final days of Lexie, sophie, nora, and Mile's visit we celebrated Dallin and Sophie's birthday. Went to the Rodeo parade and Carnival. Played Wii on the new tv dad bought. Nelson family reunion and the river and on the last Night Sophie came and had a sleepover with me at my new apartment.

Sophie now 6 years old!

Dad and Dallin and Mcdonald's for lunch

the birthday kids

the birthday brownie

Dallin paul was protecting the candles

Sophie and Madalyn

Sophie doing Yoga

Emily and Matt's family up the little waterfall

Ava fell asleep on the the hike up the waterfall

Michael holding a butterfly that just came out of the cocoon

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