Monday, May 25, 2009

Other Random happenings

I consider myself pretty lucky that me and my girlfriends from highschool have been able to stay really close. A couple of weeks ago Mallory and i took a day trip Up to Idaho. We stopped in Pocatello to see Amanda and her cute baby Addalyn. Then we continued up to Rexburg to see Annette and her little boy Dyson. We all met Shannon for lunch and caught up. it's always good times when we get together, unfortunately it was just half of us this time. Can't wait till the 6th to see all of you!

not the most flattering picture of Mal and Net but that's what they get for stealing my camera:)

Madalyn's 2nd birthday!

Elliot's Baby Blessing. He's such a cute little boy. Just a couple of pictures from his special day.

We watched Ava in Salt Lake for a couple of hours while Emily went to Wicked. Mom and Dad decided to take her to build a bear. After going through the extremely cheesey process she ended up with a fully clothed stuffed dog. (underwear and all). Turns out Ava enjoyed the free pink tote we got more. Cute girl.

Michael and Madalyn at the fun park

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Matt & Emily said...

Sheesh, what cute kids! they sure are lucky ones too! Can I get the full size images of the ones of Ava sometime?